Branding & Technology

DRP Co. provides small business branding services including logo design, business card layout, and social media setup. We also build mobile responsive websites for small business, law firms, real estate agents, e-commerce companies and portfolio websites for photographers and artists. We provide technology advisory services for computer equipment selection, hardware procurement, software licensing, local data storage, email setup, cloud services installation and office networking.

Branding & Design

Your brand is your reputation.
It's remarkably fragile, but we can help you get started on the right foot.


Branding & Identity

Like it or not, your company has an identity. People interact with your company in a variety of ways, and that creates your brand. It's important to present your company in a professional manner. We can help. Let us create a new logo or refresh your existing branding.


Collateral Design

Part of your professional look is well-crafted business collateral: business cards, stationery, envelopes and invoices. The level of need for this kind of printwork differs by company, but we'll create whatever makes sense for your business.


Social Media Integration

It's important to reach your clients and customers where they are—and that's on their phone. In addition to a mobile-responsive website, we'll help you set up or improve your social media footprint so you can broaden your reach in appropriate, scalable ways.

Professional, Effective Websites

Every business deserves a nice website. Simple as that.
We'll take care of you.



These days, your site needs to respond to a variety of screen sizes: desktop, tablet and phone. The success of your business depends it. You can't assume your customers are sitting at their desk.


Commerce Integration

Selling a physical product? Thinking of opening an online store? Let us help. Take orders online and manage your inventory, invoicing and billing. We can now set up your products to be sold through Instagram!


Portfolio & Showcase

Hey real estate agents, we can create custom sites for your listings with property address URLs! Photographers, florists, and artists: we'll make sure your work is beautifully showcased.

Technology Integration

We're pretty good with computers.
We can handle everything from equipment selection to setting up cloud storage.


Equipment Procurement

You're a pro at what you do, and your time is valuable. You should stay focused on growing your business. We can help source the right equipment for your office. Looking to buy and set up a dozen computers? Wish you had local data redundancy? Need help solving a network printer mystery? You're speaking our language. We can help you manage the madness.


Cloud Services

The cloud. What exactly is it? Well, it's a lot of what you see in this picture. We don't set up this kind of equipment, but we fully embrace what it offers: enormous processing power, security and limitless data storage through offsite servers. This means you can stop worrying about a catastrophic data loss if you spill that triple espresso on your laptop.


Networking & Licensing

We'll make sure all your machines and devices are set up properly on a local network. Need special software? We'll help you navigate the available options and negotiate volume licenses so you can make an informed, savvy purchase decision. After installation, we'll make sure your team is up to speed with recommendations on advanced learning.

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